Network 50* Inc, established in 1986, reaches throughout North America through our general counsels office and its expansive network of independent local counsel comprised of over 150 law firms. The relationships with independent local counsel are long standing relationships and not simple referrals.  Many of these relationships go back over 25 years and have served clients well. The network continues to grow as does its commitment to assessing and then inviting those independent local counsel whom we believe share certain “client centered” interests in order to provide the client with help that’s both economical and practical.  


The practice model at Lawyers in Other Cities is unique. Our central office in the Chicago land area serves as a general counsel’s¹ site from which the clients’ materials and documentation are received, and then sent to independent local counsel wherever the problem arises. Our model falls somewhere between the much discussed virtual practice and the traditional law firm. Our services can be utilized by individuals or companies seeking legal representation for themselves, as well as attorneys who need legal representation for their clients, in or outside of their areas of expertise or jurisdiction.


*is a trade name and organization established in 1986 in order to help with the delivery of legal services

¹Emalfarb Swan & Bain, licensed to practice in Illinois

There are independent local counsel in the following cities:

Amsterdam, Netherlands | London, England | Lisbon, Portugal | Shanghai, China | Beijing, China | San Jose, Costa Rica | Frankfurt, Germany | Rome, Italy | Paris, France | Madrid, Spain | Bogotá, Colombia | Stockholm, Sweden | Lima, Peru | Toronto, Canada | Anchorage, AK | Birmingham, AL | Phoenix, AZ | San Diego, CA | San Francisco, CA | Los Angeles, CA | Denver, CO | Hartford, CT | Washington, DC | Wilmington, DE | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Atlanta, GA | Honolulu, HI | Des Moines, IA | Chicago, IL | Indianapolis, IN | Kansas City, KS | Louisville, KY | Baton Rouge, LA | Baltimore, MD | Boston, MA | Detroit, MI | St. Paul, MN | Jackson, MS | Greensboro, NC | Omaha, NE | Newark, NJ | Albuquerque, NM | Las Vegas, NV | New York, NY |  Buffalo, NY | Cleveland, OH | Tulsa, OK | Portland, OR | Philadelphia, PA | Dallas, TX | Houston, TX | Salt Lake City, UT | Arlington, VA | Seattle, WA | Milwaukee, WI | Milan, Italy | Zurich, Switzerland | Frankfurt, Germany | Paris, France | Mexico City, Mexico | San Jose, CA | Beijing, China | Shanghai, China | Hong Kong | Tokyo, Japan

P 877-432-6905 | 440 Central Ave, Highland Park, Illinois 60035 | F 847-432-8950